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Our Story

Making our community more beautiful

Individually, the members of Kuumba Home Repair had always been a 
force to be reckoned with, each of them was an expert in their trade. 
One was a drywall master, one was a master painter, and the other 
could do flooring with their eyes closed. While each was doing great on 
their own, they realized that there is strength in numbers and that they 
were stronger together than they were a part, therefore forming 
Kuumba Home Repair.  
After deciding to join together to create a powerhouse, the team had to 
decide on a name. After many days and nights contemplating on 
something important to them, they all agreed on Kuumba, which means 
creativity. Kuumba being a core principle of Kwanza meaning to do 
always as much as we can, in the way that we can, in order to leave our 
community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it!  
Once the name was agreed upon, the team hit the ground running, 
becoming a powerhouse in the community. Kuumba Home Repair is 
dedicated to more than just making the homes and commercial 
buildings more beautiful, but each member is dedicated to serving the 
community. Collectively having more than 10,000 community service 
hours, the team hopes to top that this year by creating an 
apprenticeship program for Title I schools. Volunteering all of their free 
time to the community of Columbus, GA is what sets Kuumba Home 
Repair apart from the rest. Working with Kuumba Home Repair is not 
just an investment into the community, but an investment in the youth 
who are the future leaders of tomorrow!  

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